Adjustable engine mount kit

  • The complete kit is composed of:
    •      2 black anodized 7075 aerospace aluminum lower brackets (right and left)
    •      2 black anodized 7075 aerospace aluminum upper brackets (right and left)
    •      1 set of polyurethane engine silent-blocks (yellow: fastroad or black: track)
    •      1 adjustable carbon fiber rod mounted on ball joints
    •      1 carburettor support (Weber) in carbon fiber print
  • Compared to the original kit:
    •      weight gain of 0.5 kg
    •      allows 4 different hardness settings (2 per polyurethane color)
    •      limits lateral movement of the powertrain
    •      improved dynamic behavior
    •      easy assembly/disassembly (one pin per side)
    •      mounting on Unibal ball joints
  • Possibility of anodizing custom colors (contact us)
  • Possibility to order two sets of polyurethanes (yellow and black)
  • Engine supports compatible with the original carburettor support (Possibility to buy the supports alone)
  • Each kit is made for you, on demand (delay 4 weeks)
  • Possibility of assembly in the workshop

Reference: RSKSM105

Availability: Item being restocked, delivery time: 1 week

1 850,00€ inc. tax 1 541,67€ excl. tax

carbon billet aluminium alfa engine mount polyurethane